Back in 5 Minutes 2005

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The artist is absent from her studio during a studio visit, the curator suspect that she has staged a disappearance. Her works of art stand for her own missing-self, yet the works themselves show her in disguises, as we only ever see her dressed as others. Identity is played out as a constant state of voyeurism, invasion and disappearance, yes it is not clear who is watching who, and who is being invaded and projected upon. Various subtle states of cultural identity are also at play in this short thriller; the artist has many artefacts and self portraits of various ethno-religious subjects, the curator is black, although this is only reflected upon once he puts on a mask of a black person belonging to the artist, his partner whom he tell the story of the studio visit to, is of Irish decent, although her accent is faint. All the protagonists have some subtle and fluid sense of being postcolonial subjects.



Additional project information: Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid

Review: Smadar Sheffi, ‘The Space Between at the Museum of Petah Tikva’, Haaretz, 2007 (Text in Hebrew)