Public painting of PVC transparent structures, ongoing 2017

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The work with public and invited participants to paint transparent PVC structures is ongoing and is context and site-specific. The work is available for new commissions.

The Space for Freedom is Getting Smaller and Less Transparent, Solo exhibition, Overgaden, Copenhagen, 07.09.2013 – 27.10.2013

Especially for her show at Overgaden, Ashery has created a participatory installation piece titled The Space for Freedom is Getting Smaller and Less Transparent. Visitors to Overgaden are invited to enter a built structure and paint its transparent plastic walls. As the walls get covered in paint, the outside world becomes obscured. Every other week an additional transparent structure was been constructed within the previous one. The first, larger structure included the colour black, white, yellow, blue and red paints. The second structure included back and white paint and the last strcuture  white pain onlyt. 1st structure : 880cm/665cm, 2nd: 660cm/445cm, 3rd: 440cm/225cm. The work was specifically thought about in relation to the rhetoric of Freedom of Speech in Europe and in Denmark in particular. What is the value of freedom of speech when it is used to block others, such as in anti immigration policies and actions? Protecting freedom of speech can be used as a blockage of someone else’s freedom. The More one expressed themselves on the transparent walls – the less transparency there is, the outside world is blocked out, and the inside world is getting smaller and white only.

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Axolotlism, solo exhibition, performance during  the opening titled Cómo matar a un cerdo, (How to Kill A pig)Noguerasblanchard Gallery, Madrid, 2015

A single panel of framed PVC was installed and five participants, some professional painters, some not, have been asked to copy a famous Art Nouveau poster of a pig factory  ( Joan tore fabric salchichon) by the Catalan artist Alexandre de Riquer, 1899. The image depicts a young shepherdess with pigs in the meadow, however, the reality of industrial animal killing is different. As the PVC gets painted,  the labour and process of the participants get less transparent.

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