Sarmad the Saint 2006

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In 2006, Ashery undertook a Triangle Arts Trust Gasworks residency at Khoj International Artists Association, the Sarmad the Saint performance is based on Ashery’s visit to Sarmad’s tomb in Deli. Sarmad was a Jewish traveller who converted to Sufism. His relationship with his Indian lover Habichand was controversial but long-lasting. Sarmad was beheaded because he refused, according to his Sufi beliefs, to announce the existence of one God only – Allah. Sarmad had an enigmatic and eccentric personality that granted him a sustained following.

Rubaiyat of Sarmad

My beloved is whimsical

Sometimes he reveals his mercy and his love

at other times utter cruelty.

At times which enchanting movement

he reveals himself,

and displays a hundred hues changing every second.

But oh, no he, but I am whimsical.





Click here to download the script from the performance