Semitic Score 2010

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Perfomers: 2Fik, Ali Kaviani and Guy Nader

A performance depicting a video made of found footage alongside Ashery’s alter ego, the Orthodox Jew Marcus Fisher performing a set of instructions, with two cats and a toy black panther in a messy basement. Performing the same instructions live, is a male contemporary dancer of Arab or Muslim decent. Influenced by Fluxes scores for actions, these Semitic instructions such as beat yourself and swear, engender a projected image of a Middle Eastern psyche, as seen through western eyes as well as self experienced. This is part of Ashery’s queer exploration of her Jewish heritage, being a 7th generation Jew born in Jerusalem and what she describes as a Palestinian Jew.

Semitic Score was performed in Teatru-spalatorie, Chișinău, 2012; La Porta, Barcelona, 2011; Ljubljana Pavilion, Venice Biennial, 2011; Trouble Festival, Brussels, 2011; Modern Art Oxford, Night & Day, 2010; Studio 303, commissioned by Kris Nelson, Montreal, 2010; Live@8, Galway, Ireland, 2010