Marcus Fisher | What Is It Like For You? 2000

01 What Is It Like For You Image

Ashery went to meet the artist and barber Faisal Abdu’Allah at his hairdressing shop in Willesden. Together they designed a hair cut that will combine the Star-of-David  symbol with a pattern that is commonly used by black young people coming to his shop (see also After Duchamp). Footage from this encounter features in the video.

Also in the video we see Ashery’s orthodox Jew alter ego Marcus Fisher, running around Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design building in Charing Cross Road with a large portfolio, putting work up in the studio, dancing on the roof, sniffing hard boiled egg in the toilet, leaving a tag ‘MF waz ere’, and masturbating in one of the photographic darkrooms. This video was filmed during Ashery’s MA at the art school.



Additional project information: Video extracts can be viewed through the 7 Acts of Love project archive

Review: Cherry Smyth, ‘Say Cheese, Home – Salon 17′, Circa (Spring 2002)