Performing/Knowing 2010

From the series Art-Writing-Research, edited by David Burrows – ARTicle Press, Birmingham City University

The five volumes address the relationship of art, performance and art writing to knowledge, as well as exploring art as counter-knowledge or a means to counter knowledge. The volumes contain essays, art works, illustrations, documentation of performances and diagrams.

Performing/Knowing is edited by Gavin Butt and features contributions from Hugo Glendinning, Adrian Heathfield, Tim Etchells, Kate Love, Aaron Williamson and Oreet Ashery.

Ashery’s contribution featured research into the messianic figure of Shabbtai Zevi that informed projects such as The Saint/s of Whitstable. To download ‘Shabbtai Zevi; scrap book towards a future performance’, please click here. 

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